Friday, February 05, 2010

What do Classical Conversations students learn in Cycle 2?

In Classical Conversations' Foundations Cycle 2, students learn.......

  • 160 events & people in a chronological timeline
  • 24 history sentences to "put some flesh" on our timeline (including Charlemagne, Reformation, Renaissance, World Wars…)
  • 44 U.S. presidents
  • 100 locations and geographic features in Europe, Asia and select parts of the world
  • 24 science facts (biomes, planets, laws of motion, laws of thermodynamics…)
  • Latin verbs – the first conjugation
  • English grammar facts (including pronouns, adverbs and adjectives…)
  • Multiplication tables up to 15x15, common squares and cubes, as well as basic geometry formulas and unit conversions
That's over 500 pieces of information!

Not to mention…
  • Exposure to drawing techniques
  • Music theory and tin whistle
  • Six great artists and related projects
  • Introduction to orchestra and three classical composers
  • Twelve science experiments and…
  • The practicing and refinement of oral presentation skills!
According to Proverbs 24:3-4, the stages of learning are knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

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